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Bad Latin
Quod eros demonstrandum.
GOMI commenters also have a proper reverence for maple donuts 
8/17/12 22:08
Today started at 2:30 am. Lately I find it very hard to sleep through the night without taking a magnesium supplement at bedtime, and no matter how many times I am reminded of that to my sorrow, if I don't remember to take it before I get into bed, I will not get back up to remedy that. So: there was much sleeplessness, mitigated by random interior design blogs, Sons of Anarchy (early Season 4, no spoilers pls!), and a fuckton of Hershey's miniatures because apparently that is what I am eating this week, all the time.

Then I went to work and pretended to work while reading Get Off My Internets. For a blog devoted to making fun of other bloggers, it is not as nasty as I thought it would be, and there are some really interesting and sympathetic discussions about mental illness, food stamps, homelessness, breastfeeding, pregnancy, fatphobia (they are big fans of Fat Nutritionist! WIN!) and more. But yes also they are judgey and my black hateful heart likes that. IN MY DEFENSE most of the department was taking a half day for summer hours and nothing was moving through the catalog production process, so it's not like I was really throwing a wrench into the system. But yeah. Lazy Sleep-deprived Ellie is lazy.

Went over to a friend's place and watched one of her favorite movies, Troop Beverly Hills, which I found ... fine. It's by the numbers, but I probably would have liked it as a kid. We also watched an episode of Friends, "The One After The Super Bowl." Jean Claude Van Damme is kinda cute in giant 90s round glasses! Who knew?

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day!


Maggie has no idea what is going on right now
8/23/12 2:08 (UTC)
Lots of magnesium in chocolate!
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